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Corporate Law Update: Startup Promotion Act and the Flexible Corporations Act (FlexKapGG) enacted


  • The Startup Promotion Act and the Flexible Corporations Act (FlexKapGG) became effective from January 1, 2024.
  • These laws aim to enhance Austria’s appeal as a startup and venture capital hub.
  • No material changes were made from their initial drafts.
  • So far, around 35 FlexCos were registered in the Austrian companies register, whereby most of them seem to be shell entities incorporated by law firms.

Start-Up Promotion Act and Corporate Law Amendment Act Enacted

The Austrian parliament passed two pieces of legislation at the end of December 2023, which came into effect on January 1, 2024; the Startup Promotion Act and the Flexible Corporations Act (FlexKapG). Both are aimed at enhancing the attractiveness of Austria as a hub for startups and venture capital investments. Compared to the initial drafts, only editorial changes were made. For a closer look at these legislative changes, take a look at my previous article here.

The official texts of these acts were published in the Austrian Federal Law Gazette (Bundesgesetzblatt) on January 2, 2024, under the references BGBLA_2023_I_200 for the Startup Promotion Act and BGBLA_2023_I_179 for the FlexKapG. Additionally, the current version of the FlexKapG can be accessed here.


As of mid-February, around 35 FlexCos have been registered with the Austrian companies register (some of these registration were made by other Austrian law firms for experimental purposes → see here and here). A seemingly small number compared to the roughly 200.000 limited liability companies registered in the Austrian companies register.

My personal FlexCo success projection: After a first cautious phase, the FlexCo will eventually become a popular legal form in Austria. Main drivers for this development will be (i) flexible options on capital measures, (ii) easier decision making on shareholder level and (iii) easier transferability of shares. I am skeptical, however, whether the new employee participation will be accepted in practice. The information rights for employees seem to be too extensive so that currently popular forms of employee participation (ie VSOPs) will remain to be popular among startups.

Sources (possibly credible sources I kind of fact-checked)

Startup Promotion Act – Austrian Gazette (Bundesgesetzblatt)

Corporate Law Amendment Act 2023 – Austrian Gazette (Bundesgesetzblatt)

Flexible Kapitalgesellschafts-Gesetz (FlexKapGG) – Legal Information System of the Republic of Austria (RIS)

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